Vidya Balan – Best Actress 2011

Horoscope of  Vidya Balan – Winner of National Film Award for Best Actress 


A brief Bio data 
Vidya Balan was born on 1-01-1978  at Palghat. (source: wikipedia and movie webindia123 ) She is a Tamilian from Kerala. She is a graduate in Sociology. She can speak Hindi, English and Bengali. She has acted in many Hindi ,Malayalam and Bengali  Movies. She began her career starring in many music videos, soap operas and commercials including Surf Excel commercial in 1998 which was a hit. Now she is a well known bollywood actress. The movie Parineeta (2005) was  her super hit film. The years 2005 and 2006 were the years of awards for vidya Balan. Some other hit movies of her were Lage Raho Munna Bhai,Guru (2007), Heyy Babyy, Bhool Bhulaiyaa,Paa,No One Killed Jessica. The Hindi  movie The Dirty Picture  released on 2 nd December 2011 has bagged her the National Film Award for Best Actress (officially known as Rajat Kamal Award for the best actress) The movie  was released on 1766 screens across India and around 120 screens abroad.
Birth chart analysis by divine astro
A Strong Gaja Kesari and Bheri Yoga:She was born in Pisces as ascendant and Virgo as Moon sign (Rasi ) with Uttaraphalguni as her birth star. The Shadbala of the planets in her horoscope reveals that no planet is week and more over the mutual angular position between the Moon and the  Jupiter gives her the powerful Gaja Kesri Yoga which makes her so ambitious,determined, famous, and popular.The Bheri yoga  presents in her horoscope because of the mutual angular position  between Jupiter , Venus and Sun  gives her the  wealth and fame. The Venus who gives her the artistic talent is in 10th the mid-heaven or Rajyasthana and aspected by the Ascendant Lord Jupiter from 4th ( Sukhasthana ) indicates that  she is gifted with the artistic excellence through which she has been showered with many awards.
Running Dasa:  At present she is running the Mahadasa of Rahu and Antardasa of Venus. Rahu is combined with Moon being the 5th house Lord. Moon is in angular position with Ascendant Lord Jupiter giving rise to the powerful Gajakesari Yoga and when Rahu combines with the Raja yoga planet he promises many such awards in his period.
Marriage is delayed:The  house of Union or marriage is in Raghu – Kethu’s axis and the 8th house and 12th house are aspected by Mars and Saturn from 6th house. More over Ascendat Lord and 7th  house Lord are in sastashtama position (6×8 th allignment) . Jupiter’s aspect  to the  Venus ie.,significator of marriage can mitigate the flaw or dosa to some extent only as Jupiter himself  is in his inimical sign. Marriage significator  Venus is conjoined with Sun who is the 6th  house lord and also his natural enemy.The malefic Ketu is in the Ascendant. These are not  good indications for an early  marriage. Divine astro advises her  to do pariharams (remedies ) for the planets Ketu, Mars and Venus.

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