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       ELECTION 2024 – WILL BJP WIN ?

Date of Birth: September 17,1950
Birth Place: vadnagar(Gujarat)
Birth Time: 10.00 AM
Birth star: Anuradha(Anusham)
Moon sign ( Rasi ) :Scorpio (Vrichika)
Ascendant ( LAGNA ): Libra (Thula)
Sun sign : Virgo (August 23 to September 23 )
Birth Number: 8;Destiny Number 5.

Honourabe PM Modiji is running Mars dasa ( Major period ) and Jupiter Bhukthi ( sub period) from 22nd March 2024 to 25th February 2025. Mars is the lord of 2nd and 7th house. He is conjoined with Karmathipa ( 10th house Lord ) Moon occupying the 2nd house which happens to be his own house. He is in the star of Jupiter happens to be the 3rd and 6th Lord which is not  favourable . The Bhukthi lard Jupiter is the the malefic panet being the lord of  the 3rd and 6th house which is also not favourable.  Fortunately the Dasa lord and Bhukthi lard are natural and temporal friends.

Going by the planetary  transit ( GOCHARA ) he is having Sani  or Saturn in the 4th place from his Moon sign Scorpio , aspecting the 10th Rasi which will affect the party’s performance or  success to some extent in the current Election. But Jupiter comes to his rescue by occupying  the 7th place from the Moon sign.

PERFRMANCE OF BJP : The BJP was formed on April 6th , 1980. The BJP’s vote bank was 10% in 1985 . It improved its vote bank to 25% in 1998 and in 2014 , there was a steep increase to 31%  . The peak was 35 % vote bank in 2019. It won 303 seats of its own in 2019 Election . The surgical strike of the Indian Government at Balakot ( Pakistan border) on 26th February 2019 helped the ruling party BJP to reached the highest performance in the 2019 Election.

CURRENT ELECTION: Considering the planetary placement and configuration of planets in the horoscope of Hon PM Modiji , the party’s performance will not equate its performance of 2019 Election. There will be a slide or dip in its score. BJP tends to score between 240 to 280 seats . In case if it scores below 272 it  will try to form the Government with the support of the other NDA parties. Any how we the people of India want a stable Government at the centre.

CURRENT SCENARIO : The steep increase in the the price  of the essential commodities, Un-Employment problem and the other local issues may be the ruing and pressing issues for this Election.

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