Deeksha-divine initiation

Deeksha – divine Initiation

Transmission of divine energy : In this Kali Age O Devi , ultimate success is achieved by mother Kalika worship alone… In this Age O Devi, the practices relating to Vira sadhana yield quick and visible fruit.”
– Mahanirvana Tantra by Sir Arthur Avalon

“Listen O Devi, the Vidya of Kalika is the greatest of the great and it grants liberation. Brahma, Vishnu, and myself (Shiva) are all disciples of the great Shakti Kalika.”
-Yogini Tantra

“The Guru is the father, the Guru is the mother, the Guru is the supreme Lord. When Shiva is angry, the Guru saves, but when the Guru is angry, nobody can help.”
– Kularnava Tantra

Guruji  is offering ‘Maha Vidya Ragni deeksha’ to  his disciple in the above image.

Descending from a strong ‘Guru-paramparā’ (Lineage of Gurus) guruji  offers  ‘Maha Vidya Ragni Deeksha’ of Dhakshina Kali ( This is the full Deeksha of mother) to selected devotees after a in-depth study and  according to their eagerness,deep rooted faith and involvement in Kali or sakthi path. Please discuss with Guruji on this sacred subject. You can have other mantra upadesa like Shree Vidya – Sodasi etc., Because according to ‘Mundamala Tantra’  it is very obvious that “Mantra is born out of  Guru, and Devata  is born out of Mantra, therefore Guru is the Grandfather to the Ishta Devata.”

Devotional experts feel that  it’s even more important that the deeksha-giver be evolved spiritually himself, and be able to really connect with, feel, and empathize with the recipient.  Doing so opens the giver to a greater flow of Grace and Presence, therefore “the greater the blessing will be.” so your  choice of a deeksha-giver is mportant. Deeksha giver is also equally choosy and eager in getting a suitable deeksha receiver so that the deeksha reaches a perfect  person.

Deeksha is the phenomenon where the Divine reaches out to man, and the person who’s giving deeksha is making himself or herself available for the Divine, and he becomes an instrument.
We can, as a rule, say that [the result] depends upon how receptive you are, what your beliefs are, and what your conditioning is,and the quality of the person giving the deeksha.
The heart plays a key role…if there’s no warmth in the heart [of the giver] the deeksha is not going to be very
If the deeksha-giver himself or herself is enlightened, or in a very high state of consciousness, the deekshas are in fact very different…so the person who is giving does really matter.

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