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Devi Pratyangira is also known as Adarvana Bhadra Kali. King Indrajit ,son of Ravana was also known as Meghnath. He arranged for one Nikubala Yaga (fire ritual ) and tried to appease this great deity to get the divine chariot in the epic Ramayan. Had he got that chariot he would have become unconquerable.But the destiny was something else.By the intervention of Hanuman he could not complete his tapas (mission). Worship Goddess Pratyangira and be free from fear, worries, turbulence ,turmoil and all sorts of troubles particularly from the ill effects of evil eyes,evil chant,evil designs and sorcery inflicted by the the enemies. This eternal mother is all powerful and she is said to be the core of “Adarvana Mantras”. The main Beejakshara (cosmic seed letter) in her “Moola Mantra” is “ KSHAM ”. It is suggested to chant this great “Mantra” after getting divine initiation or deeksha from the spiritually resourceful persons like us(see the sub-menu “Deeksha-divine Initiation” under the menu”consultation”). Protect your self from all sorts of miseries by meditating upon this powerful deity.we have given below the meaning of the Sanskrit version of a slogan cited in  “Adarvana Veda” which speaks about all the Tantric rituals, for our readers’ benefit.
” O’ divine mother! Protect me with your bountiful mercy.  Let all the miseries and sufferings caused by my enemies  through sorcery be bounced back to them by chanting your powerful mantra

Some FAQs regarding this deity’s worship :

Why is she known as Pratyangira?
Two great sages Pratyagiras and Angiras have visualized and initiated this dynamic divine force and she is known by their names.
Was there any great devotee of this goddess?
There were many devotees.Very popular among them was Shri.Umapathi Sivam.
Are there separate temples for this goddess?
Yes. Some of them are listed below.
1)Ayyavadi(Aivar Padi) near  Kumbakonam(South India). Here Deity is lion faced with 18 hands.
2)Vedian Enthal,a small village near Manamadurai (South India) Here she is five faced and seated on a  lotus.
3)One situated  in the corridor of the Devi Karumariamman Temple (Chennai)
4) A private Temple has come up in Solinga  Nallur (Chennai) fouded by Shri.Pratyangira Swami

Here we want to share one divine matter.We come across one message written on the walls of one Pratyangira temple near Kumbakonam.This message conveys that the image of this deity should not be kept and worshiped in the dwelling places.Many of our readers have asked about this write-up.
We referred with some old scrips and observed that there is no substantial evidence or  specific instruction  to support this message.Even in Chennai one lady devotee has installed a big sized idol for this goddess in her house  and offering regular poojasand she is offering “arul vakku” in trance to the devotees coming to her house.    No doubt she is leading a very peaceful life with a son and a daughter. So even without a small trace of doubt in your mind, you can right now start worshiping this powerful deity to defeat the evil work of your enemies before you fall pray to their evil design.

An assurance from  Guruji Venkatesh:  Just read the Adarvana version above and listent to the divine chant of Pratyangira in the  audio clip given below for 45 days with the full devotion and faith and feel the wonderful positive vibrations  and positive energy emanating from you which could create a favorable atmosphere every where as you dreamed about. Please share this divine message from guruji with all your friends and relatives.

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