Other Testimonials, given by my readers and disciples as reviews in my website  ” www.divineastro.in”   through their google accounts.

Rajendran Palanisamy (9 months ago)
I come to know about Guruji venkatesh 7 years ago through his astrologicalwebsite www.divineastro.in.During the first consult, I was quite impressed with his accurate predictions. Till now, I never take any major decisions without his consult. His deep analysis and advise has solved many issues in my life.
I appreciate his tremendous service to the human society believe in astrology. I am very proud of you sir.

Rama chandran ( 8 months ago)
Over the past years i saw few more Astrologers for my Horoscope buttheir views are different, but fortunately at one point i met Guruji Venkatesh for my Horoscope he told very exactly what i had crossed in my past and what will be my future. He has told me to visit some temples and to do some Parikarams for Dhosha Nivarthi and given a text book of Slogams which i followed the same and it reflects me a good changes in my life. While seeing Marriage Horoscope some astrologers are seeing only the star matching for male and female and depends on that says their opinion. Apart from them, Guruji Venkatesh also sees indepth of particular male and female’s strength and weakness of their horoscope and says his opinion. I was very much satisfied with this.
Guruji has very good indepth knowledge in Astrology.
I THANK GOD for showing a Good Person to guide  in my life. I saw him in another form of God. I thank for his service to the people

Shruti prasannaa (9 months ago)
Its because of its Guruji , who i m. I was so much confused in one point ofour life what is to be done and .what next. It is sir’s guidance , lucky stone , sloka and parikarams they .helped us to come out of it. Tan u so much sir. U ll be remembered through out my life

Dolly Sheth (11 months ago)
At the point of time in my life where I was going through a terrible phaseGuruji’s advice and mantras helped me regain my self confidence and approach to fight any circumstances in life. Yes my 19months old son had the worst illness ever … matter of life and death. The power of those slokas  keeps me standing today and recite them every single day without fail.He is always there to answer your smallest of queries. I truly believe in him and I’m sure without his prayers and blessings would have been difficult for us to pass that phase. With respect !!

Fortuna Scott (2 months ago )
I am 40years old and never blessed with a child, doctors said it is not possible, have been to US AZ for past 5years, depressed and returned to India. Finally i was referred by my friend Vimala to believe in astrology and consult someone. I came through divineastro and consulted Guruji. Unlike others Guruji did not charge me sky rocketing prices, not even big pariharas or homam. I was asked by Guruji to visit Rameswaram and then wear a stone in right hand. By gods grace or any magic or miracle what ever you call it, i am blessed with a girl baby now. that too in scientific world 2013 – hard to believe .. but truth it worked and i am very much pleased and thankful to Guruji. He is the god to me ….

Pooja Murali ( 3 months ago)
Outstanding astrology reading! I have seen several astrologers over theyears but none compare to Guruji Venkatesh. He is the consummate professional – extremely knowledgeable, prepared, thorough, and an excellent communicator. Moreover he is has a wide knowledge starting from science to all Slokas. When Guruji Venkatesh read my chart – which includes a synopsis of the elements, the signature sign, Chiron and asteroids -, I was amazed by the details and nuances that I’d never heard before. Everything Guruji related was certainly on the mark which is even more astonishing as he did not ask questions pertaining to my life before explaining my chart. Clearly, my life was right there before her in that chart and he deciphered it beautifully.
I especially appreciate receiving the handouts in addition to my chart – summary of the planets, houses, signs, aspects in addition to the flow of various transits. I’ve already made a return appointment to explore more .. navigating my life’s path has become a lot easier with Guruji Venkatesh guidance. I was also into a presumable situation that someone did black magic and my life turned to hell and some said i had a bad karma and really had a unhappy life with my husband. But after Guruji Venkatesh expert astrology Guidance i succeeded in life
Once again thanks a lot to Guruji Venkatesh for saving my life from black magic / curse / bad sin and turning my life into a peaceful one

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