Google reviews: Testimonials or credentials , given by my readers and disciples as reviews in my website  ” www.divineastro.in”   through their google accounts.These are just a few samples. 49 five stared reviews ( up to February 2020) have been conferred to my astrological service and to my web site.

Rajendran Palanisamy ( Chennai)
I come to know about Guruji venkatesh 7 years ago through his astrological website www.divineastro.in. During the first consult, I was quite impressed with his accurate predictions. Till now, I never take any major decisions without his consult. His deep analysis and advise has solved many issues in my life.
I appreciate his tremendous service to the human society believe in astrology. I am very proud of you sir.

Rama chandran (Coimbatore)
Over the past years i saw few more Astrologers for my Horoscope but their views are different, but fortunately at one point i met Guruji Venkatesh for my Horoscope he told very exactly what i had crossed in my past and what will be my future. He has told me to visit some temples and to do some Parikarams for Dhosha Nivarthi and given a text book of Slogams which i followed the same and it reflects me a good changes in my life. While seeing Marriage Horoscope some astrologers are seeing only the star matching for male and female and depends on that says their opinion. Apart from them, Guruji Venkatesh also sees indepth of particular male and female’s strength and weakness of their horoscope and says his opinion. I was very much satisfied with this.
Guruji has very good indepth knowledge in Astrology.
I THANK GOD for showing a Good Person to guide  in my life. I saw him in another form of God. I thank for his service to the people

Shruti prasannaa ( Kuwait)
Its because of its Guruji , who i m. I was so much confused in one point ofour life what is to be done and .what next. It is sir’s guidance , lucky stone , sloka and parikarams they .helped us to come out of it. Tan u so much sir. U ll be remembered through out my life

Dolly Sheth ( Bangalore)
At the point of time in my life where I was going through a terrible phaseGuruji’s advice and mantras helped me regain my self confidence and approach to fight any circumstances in life. Yes my 19months old son had the worst illness ever … matter of life and death. The power of those slokas  keeps me standing today and recite them every single day without fail.He is always there to answer your smallest of queries. I truly believe in him and I’m sure without his prayers and blessings would have been difficult for us to pass that phase. With respect !!

Akshaya Ramesh (USA)
One of the best astrologers.The person who changed my life to better.Such a positive person with lot of values.Immensely happy with his predictions.

Manju N ( USA) : Your analysis and predictions were really amazing .Thanks and you will be remembered for ever.

Dipikka M: Very much satisfied with words and felt positive when I met him.Hope due to his guidance ,my problems will be rectified soon.thank you ,sir.

Ashok Kumar: He is a great astrologer,I have come across.His analysis accurate always,which I have experienced personally.Everyone who believes in astrology must consult him.

Girija Raghavendran: Good Day Sir.Thank you for your guidance and good vibes.

Mukundan Doraiswami ( Florida) : Sir, I am more than happy to make your acquaintance You were always prompt accurate.Thank you for your patience and humbleness.

Krishnan K S(Bangalore): Dear Guruji, crystal clear predictions & simple parihars makes our family so happy and thankful.

Prasad Reddy ( Coimbatore) : Due to his deep knowledge and his able guidance  he helps a lot to cross tough times.Thanks Guruji to your support and helping nature to the society.

Madhusudhan Reddy A ( Hyderabad) : Great astrologer and a very down to earth human being .Remedies suggested by him are simple  and economical. I am really blessed to have his as my Guru who initiated me in PRATYANGIRA DEVI SADHANA.

Keshav Kaushik ( New Delhi) : Thank you Guruji for your excellent guidance.

Keerthi Sathesh ( Kuwait) : Guruji has given timesly solutions to the problems I had encountered.Thanks a lot.One of the most experienced person who gives accurate predictions.

Sivaranjani Jaya ( Mumbai) : Sir, you gave me so many solutions to my problems. First of all, Thank you so much for that. Guruji Sir is the person who is giving solution to many people as service-minded with very minimal charges. I have consulted him for my husband’s foreign job
and he got the job in few months by saying the mantra given by sir.
My sister contacted him for the misunderstanding happened between her and her husband. And also for child. She said the mantra and did pariharams given by Guruji sir. Now she is happy and having a beautiful boy child. Whatever problem I have in my life,
the first thing I remember is Guruji Sir and I will contact him as soon as possible for the solution.Once again, Thank you Guruji sir…

Gayathri Ramesh ( Coimbatore) :very very happy with sirs predictions , which is 100 percent accurate..my daughters wedding was very succesful only after we met him..my elder daughter settled in kuwait only after meeting sir….we are blessed to get his blessings and all positive predictions.

Rajeshwaran ,Cabs owner ( Coimbatore ) I was also in a precarious situation that someone did some black magic to my family due to which my wife , who was 6 months pregnant at that time, suffered a lot. My life turned to hell and some said i had a bad karma.Magicians ( Tantriks ) asked me a huge amount ,which i could not afford. But after meeting Guruji Venkatesh all the negative forces ,evil chants just vanished away and I felt extremely happy by his expert guidance and remedy.Thanks a lot to Guruji Venkatesh for saving my family from black magic / curse / bad sin and turning my life into a peaceful one.
Thus the laurels are poring in….

Thanks and blessings – Guruji Venkatesh