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Welcome to Divineastro, the gateway to your fortune and the sure key to your success and prosperity.

Guruji Venkatesh ever remains your spiritual companion to guide you through out your life  out of his divine experience,deep rooted spiritual involvement and descending through a strong ‘Guru-paramparā’ (Lineage of Gurus). Just tell him your queries and forget your worries. Astrology, Numerology  and divinity are no more a  secret, once you have entered this site. Just spare a few minutes with him to share the divine knowledge acquired by him over the period of  four decades and go through the pages where you can witness his various astounding predictions.

Your queries on various aspects of life such as education,career,re-location of job or change of business ,foreign trips ,family life, marriage, family misunderstanding , begetting a child, health,wealth,owning a house, car, property,litigation, lucky name and lucky gem stone to boost your luck,remedy for Karmic Dosa like Pitru dosa and any other personal problems will be systematically analyzed in depth and answered with appropriate solution in person or through the phone on a mutually agreed time.

Guidance on Mantra-Upadesa (initiation in cosmic divine seed letters) and divinity is also offered to the readers and aspirants and full Mantra Deeksha (divine initiation) is offered to the disciples which has been elaborately discussed under the sub menu “Deeksha – divine initiation”. Mantra Deeksha of course refreshes your mind and soul with bountiful positive energy and you can feel the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul which creates the pleasant symphony of life .You are just a few minutes away.For consulting Guruji just click the menu ‘ Contact us ‘ and furnish your query and follow the instructions mentioned there in . Our contact may bring a great fortune in your life.

No doubt, this is the place where astrology is redefined and your future is certainly going to be unlocked.
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