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Life is a comedy of errors. We are happy whenever we get support from others and worried when we are opposed or challenged. Almost it is true with every one. It is very fantastic to know that our fortune is supported and challenged by our own Key Numbers by interacting with each other at various stages. In Numerology the numbers which support your life are technically termed as  CREST(PINNACLE) NUMBERS. Let me illustrate how to find out your Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers based on your Key Numbers and during which span of life the effect will be felt or this Numbers will  operate. For this you have to know your Date Number, Month Number and Year Number. These numbers are arrived by a simple arithmetic calculation.
Suppose you were born on 16-10-1950, we can find out the key Numbers as detailed below.
DATE OF BIRTH:   16-10-1950
DATE NUMBER:      7(1+6)
YEAR NUMBER:     6(1+9+5+0=15 and again converted to a single digit 6 by adding 1+5)
Let me denote the Date Number as D, Month Number as M and Year Number as Y for working out the Pinnacle and Challenge Numbers through some simple calculations.
To find out your Destiny Number, add the Date Number, Month Number and Year Number. In the above illustration, the total value will be 14.If we convert it to a single digit then it will be 5.So your destiny number is 5. Subtract this from Number 36(it is a constant figure, arrived by multiplying the No: 9 (being the ultimate number) by 4 depicting the 4 phases in human life). So it will be 31.
Hence the first Pinnacle Number will operate up to the age of 31.The second Pinnacle will operate up to 40. The third pinnacle will be up to 49 and the fourth from 49 onwards.( i.e. ., at every interval of  9 years.) Now let us see from which Number the support comes from and which Number challenges your endeavours.
Let me sum up the result of the above illustration.
Pinnacle Numbers: 8,4,3 and 7
Challenge Numbers: 6,1,4 and 5
So up to 31st year, your FORTUNE is supported by Number 8 and challenged by Number 6
And up to 40th year the same is supported by Number 4 and challenged by Number 1 and from the III stage i.e., from the age of 40 and up to 49 the support is from Number 3 and challenge is from 4 and so on.

STAGES AGES -YEARS ADD Pinnacle Numbers Difference Challenge Numbers
I Up to 31 M + D 8 D – M 6
II 31 to 40 D + Y 13 ( taken as 4 ) D – Y 1
III 40 to 49 I + II 12 (taken as 3 ) I – II 4
IV 49 onwards M + Y 7 Y – M 5

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