Aishwarya Rai

Horoscope Analysis for Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Date of birth: 01-11-1973 Birth Place: Mangalore ,India  (74E 53’ 00’’; 12N 52’ 00’’)
Birth Time: Exact time of her birth is  not available. Virgo or Libra as her ascendant is only speculative and not confirmed. So here we have taken her Moon sign ( RASI) Sagittarius for all our prediction purpose.
Star:Poorvashada 2 qtr
Strong planets: Moon,Mars and Saturn
Yoga  karaka (planet giving fortune and luck): Mars and Sun
Birth and Destiny Numbers: 1 – 5
Moon sign : Sagittarius : If you just read this personality description of People born under Sagittarius sign you may feel that it was written for Smt.Aishwarya Rai alone. They are  very out spoken and described as adventurers, always in need for space and independency. Many of them are afraid to be tamed and they constantly crave for new experiences. Sagittarians have a very developed sense of self-respect and self-confidence. When they have a goal to be achieved they give their all energy, so sometimes they may appear too aggressive or impulsive. Nevertheless, they can be compassionate towards other people when they want to be, especially towards the ones they care about. Sagittarius people respect morality, customs and traditions.
A brief Bio-data : Smt. Aishwarya Rai was born in Mangalore, in Karnataka state to Krishnaraj Rai, a marine engineer, and Vrinda Rai, a writer. Her ancestors are from the Bunt (community) of Mangalore.Her family later relocated to Mumbai(Bombay). Rai has one brother, Aditya Rai, who is three years older than she is. Aditya is a film producer, and has occasionally produced films in which Aishwarya Rai acted. Aditya got married in early 2004.
Early life and career:  In her horoscope both Jupiter and Sun are in debilitated signs. But both of them got cancellation of debilitation because of Saturn and Venus angular position. So she got a powerful Neechabanga Raja yoga for 2 planets ie., Jupiter and Sun. She has been gifted with a stunning personality and beauty because of the association of Moon with Venus and placement of Jupiter in the second house. This gave her a taste over modeling and movies and selected them as her career. She did modeling along with studying architecture. she then worked as a professional model, in advertising and Indian fashion magazines.
Popularity-Awards and Honours: In this period of  Moon and Jupiter  (the planet which scores with Neecha banga Raja Yoga and happen to be the Moon sign ascendant Lord) during 1994 she was placed second in the Miss India contest, behind Sushmita Sen, and went on to win the Miss World title during that same year along with Miss Photogenic award. Aishwarya has been a regular visitor at the Cannes Film Festival since 2002, and was a member of the Jury at Cannes in the year 2003. In October 2004, a wax figure of Rai became on display in London’s Madame Tussaud’s wax museum.She has won many Film Fare awards International Indian Film Academy awards,Zee Cine Awards, Bollywood Movie Awards, Sansui Awards, Apsara Film & Television Producers Guild Awards,Star Screen Awards,Stardust Awards etc. This list is endless  and  will run to many  pages,
Multi faceted  artist starred in multi lingual movies: As her second house is occupied by the Ascendant lord Jupiter which has got Neecha bangha Raja yoga  This made her as a multi talented and multi lingual artist . She acted in many language films which include Iruvar and Jeans in Tamil ,Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya, Dil De Chuke Sanam , Taal  and  Mohabbatein and others in Hindi and in some Bengali and English movies..
Period of Mars : Period  between 2000 and 2007 : Mars is the  yoga karaka planet for her Moon sign Sagitarius. She  touched the height of glory during this period besides getting a marriage of her choice.. In 2002, Rai appeared with superstars Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit in the lavishly produced Devdas, which was a major box-office success and earned her the Filmfare Best Actress Award .In 2003, she acted in  a in Bengali film Chokher Bali. She then acted in  Umrao Jaan and Dhoom 2. In October 2004  her first foreign film  Bride and Prejudice was released. In subsequent years Guru,Provoked, based on the book “Circle of Light” The Last Legion (Her first American film), was released in Russia and the Netherlands. Her film Enthiran with Rajinikanth and Jodha-Akbar were fox office hits.
What planetary position made Aishwarya a billionaire? Many astrolers fail to consider her Indu Lagna. She is having a powerful  Indu Lagna as Taurus which is aspected by the 5th and the 11th house lords  who are Dhana Yoga Planets. Same Dhana Yoga occurs to Moon sign Sagittarius also by the mutual aspect of Mars and Neechabanga planet Sun.Mars blessed her with fortune  and enormous wealth during his period.
Joyful marriage and Peaceful family life: As we already said her success story correlates with the period of Mars who is the 5th house Lord ( Poorva punyathipa ) occupying his own house. She got married with  Abhishek Bachchan on 20th April 2007. Now she is also blessed with a baby girl on 16th November 2011. As Jupiter got debilitated in 2nd house there was some delay in getting an issue but the  5th house Lord is well placed blessed her with a baby.  As Mars is in his own sign Aries there is cancellation of Mars Dosa as such she is not a “manglik” and hence she is well settled in her life. Good qualities: Because of her Birth and destiny Numbers I and 5 and a strong Sun which is 11th house with Neecha Bhanga Raja Yoga she has proved  how original and brilliant she is with her varied choice of roles and her versatility. She is also very generous and a great humanitarian, involved in a lot of charity work.
Remedy by divineastro: Raghu conjoins with Moon in her Rasi will create lot of strss ,anxiety and tension which may lead to sleeplessness in latter days.During the period up to the the middle of 2015 utmost care should be devoted  on her health. Appropriate appeasement ( Pariharams ) for Raghu and Saturn is highly advised by guruji.

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