Narendra Modi Ji

Horoscope of Shri. Narendra Modi Ji

Honourable  PM of India – 2019 General Election – prospects


Date of Birth: September 17,1950
Birth Place: vadnagar(Gujarat)
Birth Time: 10.00 AM
Birth star: Anuradha(Anusham)
Moon sign (Rasi) :Scorpio (Vrichika)
Ascendant : Libra (Thula)
Sun sign : Virgo (August 23 to September 23 )
Birth Number: 8;Destiny Number 5.

According to available sources Gujarat Chief Minister Shri.Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 17-09-1950 at 10AM at vadnagar in Gujarat. His birth star is Anuradha (Anuham ) with Moon sign Scorpio and Ascendant Libra which denotes a person with a well balanced mind and strong will power. His Sun sign is Virgo.Mr.Warren Burger, U.S. Justice was also born under this Sun sign.For him the Moon maha dasa ( major period) is running from 6-10-2012 to 6-10-2022. At present Moon antardasa (sub-period) in Moon Mahadasa is running. For him the Karakamsa happens to be the Sagitarius ( Dhanus) and Moon being the 8th lord falls in 12th from Karakamsa which forms a powerful Vipareetha Raja Yoga and the dasa lord Moon is in Anuradha (Ansham) owned by Saturn who is the Atmakaraka for this chart. This is the reason he was elevated to a top post in the party . He is popularly known as Modi for which the compound number is 16 (7) which has a positive vibration and total harmony with his party BJP’s compound number of 11 ( 2 ) So it is quite obvious that Mr.Modi and BJP are inseperable.(made for each other). Now let us come to the point, Lokh  Sabha elections are scheduled to be held in 2014,At this juncture .Shri Narendra Modi will be running the Antardasha of Rahu in the major dasa of Moon who is the lord of 10 th representing reputation ,fame, and position (Rajya stana) and he is positioned in 2 nd house with Mars being the lord of 2 nd and 7 th…Political elevation in his own party is certain and very much indicated during the second half of 2013. His new approach,techniqus and strategy in the election campaign will create some irks in the ruling party and they may try to stall him by hook or crook.The crown is very near but the attaining path is full of challenges ,ordeals and stiff opposition from within his own party and other parties as well.Even good friends may turn as enemies. But Rahu is in 6 th aspected by exalted Mercurey will give enough courage and determination to face the challenge. But it is better if Shri Narendra Modi is very careful and cautious in every steps during this Moon dasa and Mars dasa as well. Guruji suggests to do certain type of planetary PARIHARAS (remedies)which is most needed at this juncture.

It is all set to conduct the General Election in April to May 2019.
Modi ji is having Ketu bhukthi in Moon dasa from 4th March 2019 to 3rd October 2019.
In Modi ji’s horoscope Dasa natha Moon is in Anuradha star owned by Saturn who is Yoga karaka.
Saturn is in 11th ( Labha sthana ) who will bestow with success over enemies. Ketu , the bhukthi natha
is in Uttrapalguni, a star owned by the 11th Lord (Labhathipa )..again it indicates GAIN ( labha) in all his endeavours.
some astrologers may say that his is running sadesathi ( 71/2 year ) Saturn and Jupiter is in Janma rasi
so he will loose the election..they are totally wrong..
You have to see the CHARA BENEFIT (stellar position)
Jupiter is in Jyeshta 4th quarter which indicates SAMPATH ( gain in all speculation)
Saturn is in Poorvashada 4th quarter which is the star of Venus, his ascendant and he is place in 11th ( Labhastana)
It all indicates that this time Modi ji’s party BJP will win the election colourfully with thumbing majority and he need not seek the support of any other party in the parliament to run the Government.

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