There are 6 parameters to decide the net effect of a planet transit.Mere counting the rasi  occupied by a planet from your Janma Rasi ( Moon sign ) to give  the result is an half backed idea. We have to consider factors Stana palam,Thara palam, Astakavarga palam, Moorthy Nirnayam , Ududasa Palam and finally Vedha ( planetary check) without which the result will be Topsy-turvy. Please bear with me for the delay.

Jupiter transit 2016 :

The Jupiter transit (Guru Peyarchi) takes place  from Simma Rasi ( Leo) to Kannya Rasi  (Virgo) on 3 rd August 2016 as per Vakkya panchanga and on 11th August 2016 as per Thirukanitha system of panchanga.

Preface: Assessing the total effect of JUPITER’S TANSIT ( GURU PEYARCHI ) is not that much of easy. There are few yard sticks or parameters by which you can find out the accurate effect of Jupiter’s Transit ( Guru Peyarchi ) For getting an accurate prediction for Jupiter’s transit we have to apply the following parameters. Mere counting the Jupiter’s transit sign from your Janma Rasi is only at the halfway mark. Again and again I insists this in all my planetary transit articles.

1.Sthana palam : Count the Jupiter’s position from your Moon sign or Janma Rasi ). If the result is 2,5,7,9 and 11 then it will be good.

2.Thara palam ( counted from your birth star to Jupiter’s stellar point where the transit Jupiter is positioned).Sampath , kshema, sadhaka, mitra and parama mitra tharas are considered to be good. For which good results are indicated.vipath,pratyaram,vadha will yield poor result.

3.Moorthy Nirnayam ( to see whether Jupiter acts as Swarna moorthy (gold ),Rajatha Moorthy (silver),Thamara moorthy (copper ) and Loha moorthy (iron).Gold and  Silver  considered to be good. Result will be mixed if copper is indicated and Loha ( Iron ) will give you poor result.

4.Vedha ( check ) Next important one is Vedha or planetary check created by other planets on a planet in transit. It is the way to find out the planetary check.

Transit Rasi  : I    11    111     IV    V      VI     VII    VIII     XI       X       XI        XII

Check Rasi   : 1    12    2         5      4       6        3     7     10      9      8         11

For Kataka  Rasi ( Cancer ) the Jupiter is in 3rd house  from Moon sign  which is of course considered as bad. But at present Rahu  is in 2 nd Rasi  ( Leo  ) from where he  is creating vedha or check on Jupiter. So we can say that the Jupiter’s bad effect is some what neutralized by this vedha or check till Rahu moves from that sign..

5.Ashtaka Varga ; Look in to the Ashtaka varga chakra of Jupiter and see how many points (bindus ) he has scored in your Natal Horoscope. In the transit sign ( Here he is Virgo ( Kanya Rasi ) .If he has scored  below 5, the  result will not be so good .

6. Dasa Bhukthi in your Horoscope : Planetary major and minor period  also have an influence on this good or bad result of transit.

Jupiter, is also known as Guru as he is the divine teacher ( mentor for Devas ) He is a benefic male planet. His aspect removes any obstacle in the horoscope. To complete the full Zodiac he takes 12 years and in each sign he will stay approximately for an year. Jupiter is the significator for wealth , mangalya (strength of marriage knot ) marriage, children, fortune etc., Jupiter’s direction is Northeast and he represents the metal gold. His favorite colour is golden yellow and the lucky gem stone for Jupiter is yellow topaz or yellow sapphire.  He bestows happiness, comforts and general prosperity if he is in his own, exalted and vargothama Rasi or in a favourable place without any affliction and with good shadbala. Now Let us see the result for each rasi or sign.

FOR MESHA RASI ( ARIES ) (Consists of Stars: Ashwini 1,2,3,4 Barani 1,2,3,4 Kirthigai 1 quarter )

Jupiter being the 9th and 12th lord for your Janma rasi and he is a yogakaraka. Jupiter is  transiting from your 5th house to 6th house. Last year you had a very favourable atmosphere almost in all walks of life.You have enjoyed a great year of respect and pride. Now things change a little. There will be respect and good will but it will not reach you as easily as it did last year. This doesn’t mean you will have only bad result from this transit. From 6th house, Jupiter aspects your 10th, 12th and 2nd house which represent your career , expenses or  losses and wealth. So these houses will become auspicious and give positive results regarding career, finance . There will be  tendency for using your credit cards very sparingly. There will be unavoidable spending on auspicious events or making some good investment.This is an heartening feature in this transit.

FOR RISHABA RASI ( TAURUS) (Consists of Stars: Kirthigai 2,3,4 Rohini 1,2,3,4 Mirgasersham 1,2 quarters )

For Taurus sign, Jupiter leaves 4th house and resides in this  5th house till next transit. From last transit ( When Jupiter in 4th house ) has given you all sort of trouble. This transit will bring you comfort, wealth and power. Things will get change slowly after Jupiter transit and person born in Taurus sign (Rishaba rasi) will enjoy all sort of comfort in life, benefit from government and get positive result for all their attempts. Jupiter  blesses with lot of financial gains, respects, reputation, happiness from children, excellent creativity and great luck in matters of the heart. Those who have been waiting for offspring (child )  can have luck from this transit as Jupiter will bless them with children. There will be great improvement in health condition. Aspecting your Janma Rasi, 9th and 11th Rasi which are going to give you more favorable result giving you some windfall gain or foreign trips.

FOR MITHUNA  RASI ( GEMINI ) (Consists of Stars: Mirgasersham 3,4 Arudra 1,2,3,4 Punarvasu 1,2,3 quarters)

For Gemini sign, Jupiter leaves 3rd house and transits to 4th house. From last transit ( When Jupiter in 3rd house ) has given you all sort of trouble and mental confusions and stress. you will some relief after this transits ( Guru peyarchi 2016). Jupiter is aspecting your 8th , 10th and 12th rasis.But for the 10th rasis aspect others are not that much of good. A change of your living place house or place is very much indicated. Those who asks for a transfer will get a favorable placement. When Jupiter transits to 4th place, it gives auspicious yoga.  So, 4th house Guru will give success in education, bring yoga to have own vehicles and own house during this transit period. you will get more profit when in invest in real estate. Your mother will get out of all ailments, even though she will suffer some health problem during this transit .
FOR KATAKA RASI ( CANCER ) (Consists of Stars: Punarvasu 4 Poosam 1,2,3,4 Aayilyam 1,2,3,4 quarters )

Jupiter leaves your 2nd house and transits to 3rd house, which is called Keerti sthanam. Will it be good or bad? Jupiter in 3rd house is not favorable.  But Jupiter aspects yours 7th, 9th and 11th house. These aspects are good  and makes these places very powerful which gives lots of good things for you. Also will bring positive results through out this transit period. Jupiter is aspecting your 7th 9th and 11th rasis.All this aspects are good indications regarding wife , partnership,business,opportunities and speculative gains.7th house represents your relationship with spouse and marriage. Jupiter aspects with 7th house will improve your relationship with wife. Your married life will see some very memorable times. Committed partnerships will also do well. You will also be respected more by your spouse. Delayed marriage will take place during this period.
FOR SIMMA  RASI ( LEO ) (Consists of Stars: Magam 1,2,3,4 Pooram 1,2,3,4 Uthiram 1 quarters )

Second house  is the house of  flow of money and Possessions. The 2nd house denotes your inner and outer talents, money, personal values, the desire to establish self worth and assets This transit (Guru peyarchi 2016) will bring mixed result for Simha Rasi (leo sign). Jupiter leaves your  Janma rasi and coming to 2nd house. From there, he aspects 6th, 8th and 10th houses. 10th house is the house of Social Status and Career. The 10th house influences social status, ambition, reputation and the desire for strong success within your professional life. A girl who is looking for marriage will get married soon.This transit period is also a very good time for love life.

FOR KANYA RASI ( VIRGO ) (Consists of Stars: Uthiram 2,3,4 Hastham 1,2,3,4 Chitirai 1,2 quarters )

In Vedic astrology chart, Virgo is the 6th sign, it includes the Nakshatras Uthiram, Hastham and Chithirai. Mostly people born in Kanni rasi will have more Attractive appearance, Efficient speech and more interested in the Arts . Jupiter transit from Leo to Virgo on 11th August 2016 as per Thirukanitha panchangam.

Generally, Jupiter in position to give more benefit for Virgo sign, because it’s lord of 4th house and 7th house for Kanni rasi (Virgo sign). This transit (Guru payarchi 2016) will bring more benefits and same time it will give some Outrageous results due  to kendradhipati dosha , the angular lord occupying the rasi Kendra. But Jupiter aspects on 5th 7th and 9th rasis and this aspects are considered to be very good.

FOR TULA  RASI ( LIBRA ) (Consists of Stars: Chitirai 3,4 Swathi 1,2,3,4 Visakam 1,2,3 quarters )

Jupiter leaves your 11th house and transits the 12th house (Virgo Rasi). Most of you worry about Jupiter transit to 12th house ( viraya sthanam) will give bad result. Don’t worry, Jupiter is owner of 3rd and 6th house for your Thula Rasi. When lord of 3rd and 6th house comes to 12th house will give Vipareeta Raja Yoga to Libra sign for next one year. you will be success in all your endeavors and new efforts. You will also be respected more. Jupiter aspects 4th 6th and 8th houses and only the 4th house aspect adds some comfort from house and vehicle.
FOR VICHIKA RASI ( SCORPIO ) (Consists of Stars: Visakam 4, Anusham 1,2,3,4 Kettai 1,2,3,4 quarters)

Jupiter transit from Leo to Virgo sign on 11th August 2016. Jupiter leaves your 10th house and transits the 11th house (Virgo Rasi) which is called labha sthanam. There will be more financial gains . You will be more fortunate with your new initiatives. 11th house also rules the fulfillment of desires. So ask for all those things which you have ever wishes for. Somehow, Jupiter will see to it that you are granted your wishes. All your disrupted things will be fulfilled .Jupiter aspects 3 rd , 5 th and 7 th houses of which the result will be with mixed result.

FOR DHANUR RASI ( SAGITTARIUS ) (Consists of Stars: Moolam 1,2,3,4 Pooradam 1,2,3,4 Utradam 1 quarters)

Jupiter is owning the 3rd and 12th house for your Sign which leaves your 8th house and transits to the 9th house (Bhagya sthanam being the house of fortune )This Jupiter transit will give you strength and courage to face the last year challenges and tackle many problems and you will succeed too. Jupiter’s aspects on the 2nd 4th and the 7 th houses will yield good result if you are doing your own business. For job goers this transit will test your job security. There are chances for unavoidable job relocation or transfers to some un-conducive places.
FOR MAKARA RASI ( CAPRICORN ) (Consists of Stars: Utradam 2,3,4, Thiruvonam 1,2,3,4 Avitam 1,2 quarters )

Jupiter transits from 8th house to your favourable 9 th house. There is a saying in Tamil that a person who is having Jupiter in 9th rasi in Gochara , will get money and respect even if runaway from his native place. Ninth rasi is the Bhagaya rasi or the house of fortune. You will get good news regarding ancestral property , begetting issues. Your health condition will be better than last year. You may undertake a religious tour  or visit foreign countries. Jupiter aspects your rasi, 3rd and 5th place, all this aspects adds new dimension to your life style.

FOR KUMBA RASI ( AQUARIUS ) (Consists of Stars:  3,4 Satayam 1,2,3,4 Puratathi 1,2,3 quarters)

Jupiter is owner of 2nd and 11th house for your Sign which leaves 7th house and transits the 8th house (Ashtama sthanam). Do not fear thinking that you will become a puppet in the hands of Ashtama-Guru ( Jupiter in 8th house). You should carefully take into account the houses that Guru aspects. Jupiter’s  aspects on  Dhana-sthanam (2nd house) and the Suka-sthanam (4th house), which indicates flow of money, mother’s good health or good relation with mother ,comforts from vehicle and house. But the aspect on Vraya-sthanam (12th house), makes to spend your money on auspicious evens like marriage or insurance premia.

FOR MEENA  RASI ( PISCES ) (Consists of Stars: Puratathi 4, Uthratathi 1,2,3,4 Revathi 1,2,3,4 quarters)

Jupiter is who is the owner of  your janama rasi  and 10th house for your Sign which leaves 6th house and transits the 7th house . Those who are in the marriage hunt will get a suitable alliance, no more waiting.Jupiter is aspecting your janma rasi , 3rd and 11th ( labha stana) and these aspects give 70% good result. You will be dynamic and energetic, refreshed and very happy during this Jupiter’s transit. Mental stress ,wavering thoughts, confusion will come to an end. Your health problems will vanish and medical expense will decrease. You work or business will improve during this period. You will be rewarded for you work and get appreciation from higher officials.

Remedy for those who are having bad results due to unfavorable Jupiter’s Transit Offer curd rice  (dhahi baath ) to lord Shiva and distribute this to all the devotees in the temple on a Thursday. Visit Tiruchendur ( one of the Six Abodes of Lord Muruga ) with family and do offer poojas with sandal pasting to the deity on a Thursday or on your birth star day . Offer garland consists of 54 or 108 beeds of channa dhal ( Bengal gram ) to Dakshina Moorthi or Guru Moorthi.

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