Dasamaha Vidya


Dasa maha vidya sloka : 10 manifestations of Sakthi maa ( Sloka )
Kali Tara mahavidya Sodashi Bhuvaneswari.
Bhairavi Chhinnamasta cha vidya Dhumavti tatha.
Bagala siddha vidya cha Matangi Kamalatmika.
Etaaha dasamahavidyaaha gupta vidyaaha prakeertitaaha.

Kali is also known as Adya as she is the first and foremost goddess comes in the “Dasamahavidya” (an ancient and sacred  Kaula Doctrine.) Kali is the fierce aspect of the Great Feminine principle in the ” Dasa Maha Vidya “. She is dynamic
and can be drastic and ruthless, both giving life and destroying it. When she destroys,
to shield her devotees ,so that  the good and truth will triumph.
She can look dark and sinister, but she only destroys the negative to make way for the positive.Let us see some hymnal quotes by these popular persons in praise of Kali Maa.

“O Kali, you are every thing and you are every where
Good or bad you alone can decide
You are the five elements and you are the senses
You are my life and consciousness.”  -great  poet Maha Kavi Bharathi
“O,Adya Kali, Who abidest in the innermost soul of all,
who art the innermost light, O Mother! Accept this japa of
my heart, I bow to Thee.” (slogan 156)
He who has got initiated in Kali path, in a new moon night when it falls on a Tuesday,worships the great Kali,the Mistress of the three worlds and repeats her 108 names becomes suffused with the presence of Devi and for him there remains nothing is beyond his powers in this universe                                       
-Mahanirvana Tantra by Sir Arthur Avalon (slogan 37-38 -chapter 7)                                           –

Mother Kali’s appearance is very natural and  one need not have fear or apathy towards her appearance. You may feel..She is unclad.Can you cover the nature with clothe?It is quite impossible. Hence she is unclad. She has preferred the four directions as her clothes( dikambari ) She is the mother nature. She is holding a head and the beheaded torso is just lying beside her. It denotes the destruction of Ego and ” I ” ness of a person. The static Shiva is beneath her feet. She is very dynamic. It depicts the end of an era and symbolizes the cosmic recycle .Why she has chosen the cremation ground ? This indirectly indicates that if one keeps his mind empty and clean (without ego,ignorance ,attachment and fear) at once the mother will descend and occupy his mind as her abode.No doubt…believe me..it is Vedic voice. The cosmic seed letters for Dhakshinakali is “kreem”. Her main mantra consists of 22 letters. This mantra is also reputed as Vidya Ragani Mahamantra. It is doubtful whether there is any other mantra which can be equated with this great mantra. Recite this at least 108 times to get her divine grace. The apt time for reciting her mantra is mid night. There is no strict regimens for her  worship. The first and foremost requirement is unadulterated unshakable devotion and self surrender.Destination is one but paths are many.There are two school of thoughts regarding the Mother’s worship.One is ‘Vama marga’ (left path) and the other is ‘Pasu marga ‘(right path) Both are leading to the same destination.ie.,oneness with the Goddess.The Vama marga is the Tantric worship and is the short cut approach for obtaining her divine bliss, Vama marga is not so hard to practice.It is advised to follow according to one’s kulachara. Sir John Woodroffe (1865-1936), in his translation to the old Saktha text “Saratha Thilaga Tantra” rightly says that Mother Kali  alone can save a person’s family from the total disaster or destruction.( For getting the initiation (Deeksha) of Mother Kali Mantra and guidance on her worship, contact  me through E-mail for knowing further details  ) Mother Kali is beyond  the time zone and she can not be measured by any unit. According to Hindu mythology  we are now in Kali-Yuga being the fourth stage of the cosmic time frame.
In this kali Yuga only Kali and Ganesh are the two divine forces which can bless and protect you instantly. Their worship is undoubtedly our final panacea to the human beings..The Upanishad quotes: “kalou kali vinayaka”. That is the reason why this Yuga is being called as “KALI-YUGA”  i.e.,the Kali-Age,the period ruled by Mother Kali.The veteran poet Oliver Twist  quotes as:” Stallion, the Eternal mounted the mare of time”
What a realistic assertion? The Eternal Kali has the absolute control of the time element governed by the cosmic belt. She is beyond Yugas and Vedas (sacred knowledge). Words are not sufficient to describe this divinity.We need not ask anything. She knows our need, she knows our requirements, we are just crying as a child before its mother.Mother Kali  will bless the devotees with all this benefits through her sheer worship.
1) All-round success.
2) Abundant wealth.
3) Recovery from fear, misery and total ruin.
4) Complete destruction of enemies & evil forces.
5) Mental peace and ultimate salvation.

1)Ujjain (it is also one of the 12 Jyothir linga temples)  2) Dwaraka Mutt established by the Adhi Shankara.3) Dhakshineshwar in Kolkata 4) Dhakshina Kali temple in Jakir Amma Palayam near Salem junction. 5) Kolavizhi Amman temple in Mylapore ,Chennai  6)Bhargat hill in Gujrath. Worshiped by the great warrior   Rana Prathap. 7) Sri Vekkali Amman Temple in Worriyur (Trichy) 8)Mathura kali in Siruvachur near Trichi. The temple opens on Mondays and Fridays only. She was the favorite deity for the Maratta king Sarfoji.9)Makalikudi near Trichy which was supposed to be worshiped by the  the great king Vikramatitya.10) A private temple in Senthamangalam and Mavoor near near Tiruvarur(S.India) 11)Kali temple in Rameswaram in the Northern side of the big temple.

Here is the audio clip of Kali maa’s  moola mantra ( in short version ) in Guruji’s own voice. Chant this mantra 108 times daily in the morning.Gents and ladies can chant to get the bliss and grace of Maha Kali. For getting Updhesa or Deeksha , please consult Guruji.
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