Offer pooja and get remedy for planetary affliction ( dosa )

1.    Surya        (SUN)– Suryanar Kovil  or Tirumangalakudi
2.    Chandra    (MOON) — Thingaloor
3.    Mangal      (MARS)  — Vaitheeswaran Kovil
4.    Budha       (MERCURY)– Tiruvenkaadu
5.    Guru         (JUPITER) — Aalangudi
6.    Sukra        (VENUS) — Kunjanoor
7.    Shani        (SATURN)– Tirunallar
8.    Rahu (dragon’s head) – Tirunageswaram
9.    Ketu (dragon’s tail) – Kizhperumpallam
1. Suriyanar Koil ( Tirumangalakudi ) – Temple for Surya ( Sun god )
Suriyanar Koil is the only Surya temple in Tamil Nadu and the first of all the Navagraha temples to visit. It was built by King ‘Kulothunga Chola’ in the year 1100 AD. Devotees who are unable to visit any of the other Navagraha temples can perform the necessary ‘Parihara Poojas’ to the respective planet at this temple.Suriyanar Koil is around 15km from Kumbakonam, near Aduthurai. The temple is located in a small village called as SuryanarKoil and is about 2Km. north of Aduthurai town. Suryanarkoil can be reached from Kumbakonam and Mayavaram by local buses.
For your additional information please contact:
Arulmigu Siva Suriyaperuman Temple,
Thirumangalakudi P.O
Thiruvidaimaruthur taluk,
Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu.Ph : 0435-2472349,
2.Thingaloor – Temple For Chandra (Moon god)
It is not clear when this temple was built, historians agree that it must have been in existence since before the beginning of the Bhakti period, which was well before the seventh century A.D. Dedicated to the Moon or Chandran in Sanskrit and Thingai in Tamil.Moon is the manokarak governing the mind …so a visit to  this temple is said to grant a confortable and long life. In astrology, Chandran is the planet that removes stress and sorrow.
For your additional information please contact:
The Executive officer,
Sri Kailayanathar Temple,
Thingaloor, Thiruppalanam
Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu. Pin Code: 612 204.
Phone: (0432) 260936.
3.Vaitheeswaran Koil -Temple for Chevvai or Mangal (Mars god) 
Lord Mangal or Angaraka or Chevvai  is the most important planet in an horoscope. He is boomikaraka governs the immovable property and marriage prospects. If he is wrongly placed in a birth chart the marriage life will be circus or even getting married it self is a big task and ordeal.. He governs the fate of mangalya (longevity of spouse) He is significator of brothers and the bitter or better relation ship between the brothers is destined by Mars.  If He is placed in certain house it is called as “Chevvai Dosham” or “Mangalik Dosh” which delays marriage and child birth. The Shiva temple near Chidambaram on the way to Kumbakonam is a famous place for ‘Sevvai Dosha Pariharam”.This temple is just on the way to Kumbakonam from Chidambaram. Frequent buses are available from both the towns.
For your additional information please contact:
Dharmpuram Adheenam’s
Arulmigu Vaidhyanthaswamy Temple,
P.O. Vaidheeswarn Koil,
Siklai Taluk, Nagapattinam Dist.
4.Thiruvengadu-teple for  Budha (Mercury god)
There ia a metion about this temple Valmiki’s Ramayana. Therefore it is said that the oldest part of the temple is more than 3000 years old. Dedicated to Budhan or Mercury this temple in Thiruvenkadu makes up the last of the Navagraha Temples. Budhan is called as vidya karakan means he bestows wisdom and intellect. Budhan is an important Navagraham for a good education and skills in arts, music and dance. People who have powerfully placed can become great astrologers. Best placed Budhan in the horoscopes male a person technically so talent in field. child less ness and Skin disease is mainly caused by his dosa. This place is near  Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu You can reach this temple from Sirkali, nearby town of Chidambaram. Otherwise, you can reach by via Karaikal to Sirkali (Chennai) route, taking a turn through Karuvi (Karuvizhunthanathapuram). You can reach through  another route – Mayiladuthurai to Poompuhar  route which will be convenient for you.
For your additional information please contact:
Sri Swadaranyeswarar Temple,
Sirkazhi Taluk,
Thiruvengadu – 609114
Nagapattinam District
Phone no: 04364-256424
5. Alangudi –Temple for Guru (Jupiter god)
Alangudi, this is the place where guru bleswses his devotees with abundant richness,children and prosperity.This is regarded as a Guru Sthalam or Jupiter where Lord Dakshinamurthy is held in great reverence. The Shrine attracts a large number of devotees when Jupiter transits between zodiac signs. Parvathi, the consort of Lord Shiva, is said to have been reborn on the banks of the Amrita Pushkarini within the temple precincts before being reunited with Shiva.Kasi Aranyam, Thiru Erumpoolai, Jananatha Saruppedimangalam and Alangudi are the other  names by which this holy place is known. Alangudi is a small town in the Cauvery delta region, situated in the Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu, around 17 km south of Kumbakonam, on the way to Mannargudi, and 7 km north of Needamangalam. Kumbakonam is the nearest major town to reach Alangudi.
Lord Brihaspathi or Guru’s gayathri Mantram:
“ Ohm! Vrishaba Dhwajaya VithnaheKruni Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Guru: Prachodhayath!”
Lord Guru”s Dhyana Mantram:
Guru slokam
“ Dhevanamsa Risheenamsa Gurum Kanchana Sannibam
Vandhaneeyam Thrilokanaam Tham Namami Brahaspathim!”
For your additional information please contact:
The Executive officer,
Sri Apath Sahayeswara Swamy temple,
Valangaiman taluk,
Tiruvarur district, Tamil Nadu,
Pin Code: 612 801.
Phone No. : 04374-269407.
E Mail:
6.Kanjanur – Temple for Sukran (Venus god)
This is the shrine for Sukra (venus)  who is considered to be the divine teacher for the Asuras. His divine power is vast and boundless like that of Guru or Jupiter. This temple   is  maintained by Madurai Adeenam. It is Located in a quite hamlet of Thiruvaavaduturai. This Shrine is also referred to as Palaasavanam, Brahmapurai and Agnisthalam. Brahma is said to have had a vision here of Shiva’s wedding with Parvati. People offer pooja for sukra to have a better understanding with their spouses, getting early marriage, for leading a luxurious life and to get rid of “sukra dosa”
Lord Sukran is the first among the most beneficial Navagraha. We can easily say “Sukra Yogam” has started to a person, when suddenly prosperity and luck comes to him. Lord Sukran is the authority to gift a human with luck and worldly pleasures in exchange of his good deeds in his previous birth. Kanjanur Sukran temple is near Kumbakonam in Tamilnadu . This place is 18 K.M. from Kumbakonam and 26 K.M. from Mayiladudurai. It is just 3 K.M. from Suriyanar Koil and 5 K.M. from Adudurai. There are direct local bus services to this place from Mayavaram, Aduthurai, Thiruvidaimarudhur and Kumbakonam… etc. Devotees can reach this temple from Kumbakonam or Mayavaram by getting down at Adudurai and travel in an auto for about 5 K.M. Aduduraii the bus route of Kumbakonam and Mayavaram, is the junction from where you can go to Kanjanur, Surianar Koil and Thirumangalakudi temples.
For your additional information please contact:
Arulmigu Agneeswarar Alayam,
Kanjanur Post,
Via. Thugali,
Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk,
Thanjavur District,
PIN CODE: 609804   Phone Number: 04435 247 3737
7 Thirunallar (Karaikal) – Temple for Shani (Saturn god)
Among the nine Navagrahas, Lord Saturn (Saneeswarar) occupies a very important place. Lord Shani moves slowly taking about two and half hours from one Rashi to other as per Jyotish Shastra. Lord Sani is described as a judge with powers to punish the people for their sins and give peaceful life for their good causes of their present and past Janmas(births).
Because of the many bad effects of the Lord Shani during bad placements at one’s horoscope and transits, people fear about this Navagraha much. Lord Saneeswara is the son of Lord Surya and Chaaya Devi, the shadow part of Goddess Usha Devi.
Thirunallar Shani Temple in Karaikal is located in a small town called Thirunallar is 5 K.M. west of Karaikal city, a part of Union Territory Pondicherry, in the bus route of Karaikal- Mayiladuthurai and Kumbakonam. There are direct buses from Chennai to Thirunallar.
Beejakshara  mantra or Moola Mantra for Lord  Saneeshwara (Saturn)
“Aum Aing Hring Shring Shung Shanaishcharaye Namah Aum!”
Sani Dhyana Slokam:-
“Neelanchana Samapasam Raviputram Yamakrajam
Chaya Marthanda Sampootham Tham Namami Sanaischaram!”
Navagraha gayathri Mantram for Lord sani:-
“Kaga Dhwajaya Vithmahe Katka Hasthaya Dheemahey
Thanoo Mandha Prachodhayadh!”
For your additional information please contact:
The Executive Officer (Temples),
Sri Dharbaranyeswaraswamy Devasthanam,
Sri Saneeswara Baghawan Temple,
Thirunallar – P.O. 609 607,
Karaikal. (Pondicherry UT)
Phone : 04368 236530
Fax: 04368 236504STD
Email I.D:
8.Thirunageswaram-Temple for  Rahu(Dragon’s head)
The temple here is vast in size and the crowd is always here to offer parihara pooja to
Rahu which is often known as dragon’s head. A legend has it that the mythological serpents Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan worshipped Shiva here. Legend also has it that King Nala worshipped Shiva here as in Thirunallar Lord Rahu as per Jyotish Shastra is the snake lord and is a very important Navagraham about people getting married and having children as per the positions of Rahu and Ketu in their horoscope. Uppiliappan Koil a famous Vishnu temple which is one of 108 Divya desams, also hailed as ‘South Tirupathi’, is situated very close to this temple. Lot of Hotels, Lodges and Mutts are available for stay and good food is available  in hotels nearby.
Tirunageswaram Rahu Temple is on the Kumbakonam – Karaikal bus route and is just 7 km from Kumbakonam. This place can be reached within half hour from Kumbakonam bus stand and frequent local buses are available.
For your additional information please contact:
Sri Naganatha Swami Temple (Sri Raaghusthlam)
Kumbakonam Taluk,
Thanjavur -District,
Pin Code – 612 204   Ph: 0435-2463354
9.Keezha Perumpallam –Temple for Ketu (Dragon’s tail)
Lord Ketu saves you from confusion, litigation and  scandal. If he is not properly placed in a horoscope his major period of 7 years  will be full of torture and Ketu  will do more harm than the Saturn that will run for 19 years. He does it by inducing people to do mistakes in life and learn from the experience. He is like a teacher and we must never think his punishments as a wrong doing as his intention is that we learn lessons. Many people become like a “Sanyasi” during his dasa or Bukthi but when the period is completed they tend to lead a better life and that depends up on the nature of Mercury in your horoscope. Ketu temple is near Kumbakonam and Mayavaram in Tamil Nadu.
Devotees can reach this holy place via the Sirkali-Poompuhar Road. It is located 6 K.M from Thiruvengadu (Budan Sthalam) enroute to Poompuhar. Thiruvengadu is situated 15 kilometers away from Vaitheeswaran Koil, on the Sirkali – Poompuhar road. From Sirkali travel towards Poompuhar for about 16 K.M and take the village road near Dharmakulam Village. There are regular buses to this temple from Sirkali and Thiruvengadu.
For your additional information please contact:
Arulmigu Naganathaswamy temple,
Sri Kethusthalam,
Keezhaperumpallam – 609117,
Kumbakonam Taluk,
Thanjavur District,
Phone No: 04364-275222.
Again we repeat that the approximate distance you have to travel to reach these temples are  not  too much,if you have a stay at Kumbakonam. Most of the temples except a few are around  Kumbaknoam only….You can hire cabs or travel in your own vehicle and can easily and comfortably cover all these temples in a couple of days and the taxi  cost will be quite affordable to you.
Suriyanar Koil – Sun – 19 Kms
Thingalore -Moon ( On the way to Thiruvaiyaru -8 km from Thiruvaiyaru)
Vaitheeswaran Koil – Mars – 50 Kms on way to Mayiladuthurai
Thiruvengadu – Budhan – Thiruvengadu for Vishnu – 60 Kms on Mayiladuthurai route
Guru Alangudi – 19 Kms – Mannargudi route
Sukra: Kanjanur -22 KM (mayiladuthurai route )
Thirunallar – for Sani 55 KMs (Karaikkal route)
Thirunageswaram – 8 Kms (Karaikkal route)
Perumpallam – 57 KM (Mayiladuthurai route)
Here is a good news for the people who are in chennai and  near by:
Those who can not afford for a long travel can visit some other parihara temples of Navagraha and more over these temples are in and around Chennai. The navagraha temples around Chennai are as follows.
1.    Suryan Sthalam – Gnayiru Gramam, Surya Sthalam & Agastheeswarar Kovil, Kolapakkam
2.    Chandran Sthalam – Somanatheswarar Temple, Somangalam
3.    Chevvai Sthalam or Angakaran Sthalam – Vaitheeswaran Kovil, Poonamalee
4.    Budhan Sthalam – Sundareswarar Kovil, Kovur & Karaneeswarar Koil, Saidapet
5.    Guru Sthalam – Ramanatheeswarar Koil, Porur & Thiruvaleeswarar Koil, Padi
6.    Sukran Sthalam – Valleeswarar Kovil, Mylapore, Valleeswarar Kovil, Mangadu
7.    Saneeswaran Sthalam – Agastheeswarar Kovil, Pozhichalur
8.    Rahu Sthalam –  Nageswarar Temple, Kunrathur
9.    Kethu Sthalam – Neelakanteswarar Kovil, Gerugambakkam
           Let us pray for the prosperity and safety of the planet earth to the NAVAGRAHAs the representatives of the Lord Almighty

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