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Horoscope Analysis for selvi J Jayalalithaa
A brief bio-data :She was born on February 24th 1948 at 2:33 PM in Mysore.She was the daughter of Mr.Jayaram, a rich lawyer and Mrs.Sandya a well known South Indian cine actress. Selvi Jayalalithaa has acted in many Tamil,Kannada,Telugu,Malayalm, Hindi as well as in an English movie by name Epistle released in 1961.
Introduction to politics: At the instance of  the then Chief minister Shri M G Ramachandran she joined AIADMK in the year 1981 and was nominated to the Rajya sabha in the year 1988. In 1989 she was elected for the Tamil Nadu Assembly for the first time .
Sudden elevation :She stroke a workable alliance with Congress  party and won the Assembly election in 1991 and became the first woman chief minister of Tamil Nadu. She is the fifth time chief minister ,won the assembly elections from Bodinayakkanur,Bargur,Andipatti ( twice ) and  Sriragam.
Political ups and downs: The year 1996 was not so favorable and her party met a massive defeat in the assembly election. Her party lost the Assembly election in 2006 to DMK.
Popularity and public support: She again came to power in 2001 with a good majority. She brought so many welfare schemes to the people which had  got a overwhelming appreciation from all sorts of public.
ordeals during the sub period of Saturn: When she was running the Sub period (Antar Dasa ) of Saturn in the Major period  ( Maha Dasa) of Rahu  from  05-10-1999 to 10-08-2002  she had to face a number of  lawsuits stemming out from her first term of rule including the TANSI land acquisition case and disqualification of her chief minister post as the dispositor of Saturn ie., the Moon is in the close conjunction with Mars who is inimical to her Jemini Ascendant and who governs the 6 th house being the house of law suits and enemies. But Dasa lord Rahu gave her a strong will power to face all this shortfalls and gave her victory after victory in the elections. she was not the Chief Minister in the period between 14 May 2001 and 21 September 2001 because of the court verdict. She managed this embarrassing situation in a tactful and  sagacious manner. Her 3 rd house lord Sun who  is in conjunction with the Ascendant Lord Mercury is aspecting the 3 rd house and this planetary position has blessed her with many loyalists in her party and co-ministers.  Because of this she made Mr.O. Panneerselvam, a cabinet colleague as the  Chief Minister and the  government was  micro-managed by Selvi Jayalalithaa.
A great Relief in the sub period of Mercury:The Sub period of Mercury in the Major period of Rahu started from the fag end of 2002 up to February of 2005 . Mercury is her Ascendant Lord and he is comfortably placed in the  9 th house with his friendly planet . In this period when the sub-sub period (Pratyantar dasa) of Venus which started from the beginning of 2003 the Supreme Court acquitted her in the specific case, for lack of conclusive evidence. This cleared the way for her to contest a bye election to the Andipatti constituency and she  won the election  with a good margin, after the elected representative for that seat, gave up his membership.
Achievement of Selvi Jayalalithaa
•    Government Officers Strike was declared illegal.
•    Her Government banned high interest private loans.
•    She successfully completion of New Veeranam Water Supply Scheme for Chennai.
•    She banned the lottery tickets to encourage savings.
•    Elimination of the bandit Veerappan was a great achievement.
•    Introduction of Video conferencing in Jails and Courts, thus eliminating the need to   physically bring the accused to court to extend the parole or remand every time.
•    Rain water Harvesting Scheme was introduced and it was a great relief to water shortage.
•    She offered free cycles to all graduating school students.
•    Thottil Kuzhandai Thittam was initiated by her won widespread   accolades.
Awards and Honours:
She has been showered with so many awards . Kalaimamani award by the Government of Tamil Nadu was conferred on 1972. University of Madras awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature on 1991 Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Science on 1992 Madurai Kamaraj University awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters on 1993. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Science and the Bharathidasan University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu, awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters in on 2003 .Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai, awarded her the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws on 2005.
Astrological analysis by divine astro- Reason behind her success story :She has won the assembly elections 5 times from Bodinayakkanur, Bargur, Andipatti ( twice ) and  Srirangam constituencies.She faced all the stiff opposition ,law suits and challenges single handedly with a strong will power and with a great consistency.Hence she is called as”The Iron Lady of Tamil Nadu” and “Puratchi Thalaivi” by the people and her followers. Every thing was possible to her  because of many Raja Yogas present in her horoscope. She is having Hamsa yoga because of Jupiter , Malavya Yoga because of the exalted Venus ( 5th lord ) in 10th and  a  Adhiyoga because of Mercury and Venus. The divine poet Kalidasa says in  “Jathaka Chandrika “ like this: Eka eva subhaka kavihi .So if  Venus the only yoga karaka for Jemini born natives gets a good placement the native will excel in all the fields…
Another important yoga is also here but most of the astrologers have failed to evaluate this one in Amma’s horoscope. i.e the presence of a strong Rahu in Aries sign , in Bharani star owned by Venus who is exalted in 10th  house. According to Shadbala Venus is very strong. More over that Rahu is in  the 11 th house for her. This Yoga is indicated in an ancient Tamil Astrology Script called Soolamani Ullamudaiyan. I have given the exact version in Tamil with the meaning.

If  Rahu conjoined with no planets is placed  in Aries, Taurus,Cancer,Virgo and Capricorn he gives raise to a great Rajayoga..if other planets are in angular position ( Kendra ) that is Parvatha Raja Yoga. So in her  horoscope both this yogas are present.
Remedy suggested by Guruji for health issues :  It is true that she devotes most of her time for the welfare of the people of Tamil Nadu.It will be better If she spare a little time to take care of her health as we observe that  the coming Jupiter  (Guru) dasa will create some health related problems and lot of tension as Jupiter is afflicted with Kendradi patya  dosa is in the 7th house from her Ascendant .7th house for Jemini sign which is a mutable sign happens to be the  Bhadakstanam or detrimental sign. More over the planet Jupiter is in Moola star owned by Ketu. The major period of Jupiter (Maha dasa ) runs from 28-8-2012 to 29-08-2028 and the sub period of Jupiter in his Major period runs  from 28-08-2012 to 17-10-2014.She should be little careful about her health .That too during the period of the pratyantar dasa of Rahu in the Saturn’s antar dasa in Jupiter’s major dasa running from the beginning of September 2016 to the 3rd week of December 2016, she should take utmost care about her health because all this planets are one or in another way connected with the detrimental signs which is very unfavorable regarding health. Guruji suggests that appropriate pariharas(remedy) to be done to mitigate the above dosa to get rid of the health related issues during the period mentioned above.’Maha Rudra Homa’ and ‘Shree Mrunthyanjaya Homa’ in a Shiva Temple like Tirukkadayur can be done as a remedy.
Note: The horoscopes are discussed and analyzed  here in the academic interest  of benefiting  the students of Astrology – Guruji Venkatesh

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