About Guruji

Namashkars to the elders and blessings to others. Let the Maa Kali’s bountiful mercy be showered on my readers and followers ever and every where.
Guruji Venkatesh, ever remains your spiritual companion to guide you through out your life out of his divine experience , deep rooted spiritual involvement and descending through a strong ‘lineage of gurus’ (guru parambara ). He got the inspiration of learning the Astrology  at his school age and started learning it from his cousin brother who was an eminent Astrologer .

Through the discussions and debate on Astrology with  his elder brother Shri.Vishwanath Das ,who is also an astrologer and through his voracious reading of ancient astrological works and practical knowledge, he mastered the science . Even during his college days there will always be a little crowd of curious college mates around him  to  know about their future .Guruji served in the managerial cadre in a public sector bank over 3 decades. Guruji was conferred with the  title of ” Jyotish Ratna ” (Jothida Ratna ) in the year 2007. Guruji has also done his research work and got a doctorate in Astrology. He often involves himself in the divine service . Recently he was blessed with a divine opportunity to do some renovation work in Eswari Amman Temple attached to  the world famous Ramanatha Swami Temple at Rameswaram. Due to this same spiritual inclination he built up  a small Ganesh Temple in the precinct of  his house with regular poojas ( with Anna Dhanam on special days ) attended by many devotees in and around. Guruji has also created one charity fund to be utilized for the divine purposes and helping the poor even after his life time. Liberal donation is solicited.Your participation will be very much appreciated. Be proud of involving yourselves in his noble and divine services.

Just tell him your queries and forget your worries. Astrology, Numerology and divinity are no more a secret, once you  have approached Guruji. Just spare a few minutes with him to share the divine knowledge gained by him over the period of three decades.Guidance on Astrology on all aspects of life ,Numerology,Mantras (cosmic seed letters) and divinity is offered to the readers and full deeksha (divine initiation) is offered to the the true aspirants (disciples ) as most of them invariably request for such deeksha and It has been elaborately discussed in this site under the sub menu “Deeksha-divine initiation.Mantra Deeksha brings a wonderful change with all positive energy within yourselves. .Guruji is available in facebook too for offering his astrological guidance.

I am with you for the past 2 decades..this was my first website page (divineastro) published in the year 2000..thanks for giving an opportunity to serve you astrologically.