HOROSCOPE 6-Major accident -narrow escape

Man met with a major accident and had a narrow escape


In the above horoscope the Ascendant is Aries and the Moon sign is Cancer. Generally Aries indicates a person with full of haste and emotion, an unbalanced mind set up. Persons with Cancer moon signs are adamant and will not compromise on their decision if once conceived in their mind regardless of  choice that may be good or bad. I told the person and his father to be on watch and ward till the middle of Dec 2016. Ketu combined with Venus who is exalted in Pisces. Ketu is in Mercury’s stellar point with Jupiter as his sub-lord. Mercury owns 3rd and 6th rasis and thus became a malefic planet. Jupiter owns the 12th house and conjoins with Mercury.Both the planet aspects 3rd place which is 12th to 4th ( house of vehicles and residence ). Due to this he has incurred losses by way of repairs due to small damages caused by minor accidents to the vehicles. I warned this boy and his dad that he should be careful in driving the vehicle at least up to the middle of  December 2016. Recently he met with a severe and major road  accident in which he was the only survivor. He was running the Saturn’s Pratyantar dasha in the antar dahsa of Rahu in the Mahadasha of Ketu .Rahu is 6th, Ketu is in 12th and Saturn  is in his detrimental sign   ( Bhadakastana ) For both Rahu and Ketu , Jupiter is the sub lord and they are connected to 12th place in one or the other way. More over the eighth lord Mars is aspecting the Ascendant (Lagna.) The narrow escape was possible because of the jupiter’ s aspect to the Ascendat ( Lagna ) . The bindus scored in the 8th hose has not exceeded the bindus in  the Ascendant denotes a good longevity and survival for the native. The vehicle was totally damaged and this native had a very miraculous and narrow escape.

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