Ascendant (Lagna ) :Cancer( Kataka ) Moon Sign: Virgo ( Kanya Rasi )   Star:  Hastha. In the given horoscope the week Venus ( sukra ) is  in the 7th place , the house of union with a very lower ishta phala. He has scored just 18 points( bindus )  in the Sarvashtaka Varga (SAV) chart.
More over Venus gets Rahu as sub-lord who gets obscured in the 12th house.Rahu is in the 12th house ie., 6th from 7yh house and the Ketu is in the 6th house. 6th house is 12th from 7th house denotes loss of married life through divorce .The aspect of Mars on Ketu in 6th house strongly indicates family dispute.In Navamsa ( D 9 ) chart also 8th lord is posited in 7th house. The divorce took place in the minor period of Mars in the Major period of Rahu.( 2011 – 2012) we have found in our repeated researches that the ninth house, the third one from the seventh, indicates 2nd marriage when the spouse is alive.gives us a valuable clue in this matter of 2nd marriage. ( The theory of 11th house does not work )
saturn  is favourably aspecting 9th house from 3rd house.
When the transit saturn ( gochara )  favourably transits to vrichika rasi which is the 3rd rasi from Janma Rasi ,aspecting the 9th rasi she got remarried .
Her 2nd marriage had taken place  during August 2015.
This I exactly predicted when this girl with her father came to me for consultation during the month of September 2014. He had not believed when I told that this girl would be remarried next year. He told that he had come to know about her career aspect and remarriage that too with a child is impossible and it is against the custom in their society. But things had changed all of a sudden and a boy , known to this family very recently came forward to marry this girl with the consent of both the parents, though the girl has one daughter of her own. All end that ends well.

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