HOROSCOPE 7-Crucial decision on career change

An astrologer has to take utmost care in his prediction for taking crucial decision regarding one’s career change and dislocation of family. See the whole incident.


This native was born on 1951.He was a stock exchange member and was leading  an affluent life.He earned a lot in capital market transactions. Every thing went alright till  June 1996. During 1994 -1995 there was a Reliance Fake Shares Transfer Scam and there was also a dispute over the transfer of shares  between RIL and Kothari Pioneer Mutual Fund. Due to this scam UTI also incurred a heavy loss. The native unnecessarily was entangled in this and had to compensate heavily for none of his fault . He had to sell  of his properties and 90% of his share holdings.Dramatically his bank balance came to 5 digit figure.
At this juncture he came to me for an astrological consultation  in the year 1997 January. I studied the horoscope in depth.The native was running the Antardhasa of Ketu in the Mahadasha of Jupiter till the middle of 1995. His speculations went wrong because of the presence of Ketu in 5th and the 9th ( 5th from 5th house ) Lord Jupiter is in obscurity ( 12th house) .In his SAV chakra the 5th house has scored a lesser bindhus ( points ). More over Jupiter’s sub lord is Saturn who is occupied the 6th house and Ketu has Mercury as his sub lord who owns 3rd and 6th place. 6th place denotes Roham, Runam and Riphu ( means Diseases,debt and enemies )  So he incurred a heavy debt and loss of wealth. In his D10 ( career chart ) his 10th house was  aspected by Sun who has conjoined with Jupiter in the natal chart.
So I suggested two important things (1) Dislocation of his family to a particular place west of his native place. (2) Change of career to a entirely  new field and  teaching line was suggested. Besides this prediction he was given necessary Mantras and lucky Gem Stones to wear. He was pious and devotional. He follows my guidance with full faith , by shifting to  the place as I told  and joined as a teaching faculty in one Engineering college there. To add to his fortune that college with in a short period of time had grown in strength and dimension and became world famous one. Now he is the HOD and earning a good salary.
My prediction and divine wishes gave him a new career path and life which would otherwise be miserable.

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