Share Market Prediction


How will be the stock market for this week?

The planets governing the share market are not fully having a favourable alignment to each other, but to some extent favourably placed to the sign LEO, sign sign of New york,USA. Because of this there will be fluctuations of ups and downs but not so adversely. US market will show some improvements.

  • Do not blindly speculate on option and future indices on brokers’ advice.
  • Select a few sectors that performs well
  • Now select a few companies in those sectors and invest on the stocks selectively for a short term period
  • Play safe..try to earn profit or reduce the loss at least

This week the market purely depends on the global trend.Beginning of the week will be south wards and discouraging.However the metallic stocks will shine as usual along with pharmacy,cement,coal and oil till the month of May though there will be small negative variations. The year end may see the index going towards southern direction , shedding some points so far it has gained in the past  few months. Be very cautious.Select those industries connected with metal,consumer goods,food and bank.