Kalaignar Karunanithi



Birth Place : Tirukkuvalai ( Tiruvarur ) 79:39 E  10:46N
Lagna ( Ascendant) : Cancer ( Kataka )
Moon sign: Taurus ( Rishbha )
Moon Sign : Gemini
Star: Mrigasira Ist quarter
Navamsa Lagna : Aquarius
Source: birth data – Wikipedia
Mr.Karunanidhi who is popularly known as Kalaignar was born as Dakshinamoorthy in Thirukuvalai near Tiruvarur , Nagapattinam district on 3 June 1924 to Muthuvel and Anjugam. He married three times.His wives are the Padmavathy (late ) , Dayalu Ammal and Rajathi Ammal. Karunanidhi’s first wife Padmavathy was the sister of Chidambaram S. Jeyaraman, notable Tamil  music director and playback singer. She died at a younger age. Karunanidhi’s sons are M. K. Muthu, M. K. Alagiri, M. K. Stalin, and M. K. Tamilarasu. His daughters are Selvi and Kanimozhi. Kanimozhi is a Rajya Sabha MP. M. K. Muthu, his eldest son was born to Padmavathy, who died at a young age. Alagiri, Stalin, Selvi and Tamilarasu were born to Dayalu Ammal, while Kanimozhi is the only daughter from his third wife, Rajathi Ammal. He has donated his house, that is to be converted into a free hospital for the poor after the life time of him and his wife Dayalu Ammal .
Eloquence – Literature and oration
Karunanidhi is the doyen of Tamil Literature and he is known for his great contributions to Tamil literature. His contributions cover a wide range of poems, letters, screenplays, novels, biographies, historical novels, stage-plays, dialogues and movie songs. He has written Kuraloviam for Thirukural, Tholkaappiya Poonga, Poombukar, as well as many poems, essays and books. Apart from literature, Karunanidhi has also contributed to the Tamil language through art and architecture. Like the Kuraloviyam, in which Kalaignar wrote about Thirukkural, through the construction of Valluvar Kottam he gave an architectural presence to Thiruvalluvar, in Chennai. At Kanyakumari, Karunanidhi constructed a 133-foot-high statue of Thiruvalluvar in honour of the scholar.
Great Writer
The books written by Karunanidhi’s include Sanga Thamizh, Thirukkural Urai, Ponnar Sankar, Romapuri Pandian, Thenpandi Singam, Vellikizhamai, Nenjukku Needhi, Iniyavai Irubathu and Kuraloviam. His books of prose and poetry number more than 100. Karunanidhi’s stage plays include: Manimagudam, Ore Ratham, Palaniappan, Thooku Medai, Kagithapoo, Naane Arivali, Vellikizhamai, Udhayasooriyan and Silappathikaram.
Politics – Statesmanship
He is the president of DMK from the death of C.N. Annadurai in 1969 till date. He has been the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu five times (1969-71, 1971-74, 1989-91, 1996-2001 and 2006-2011). He holds the record of winning every election that he fought in his political career spanning over 60 years. He led the UPA in Tamil Nadu to win all the 40 Lok Sabha seats in the 2004 Lok Sabha Elections.He took over as the Chief Minister on 13 May 2006 after his coalition defeated his main opponent J. Jayalalithaa in the May 2006 elections. He currently represents the constituency of Chepauk in Central Chennai in the Tamil Nadu state Legislative Assembly. He has been elected to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly for 11 times and once to the now abolished Tamil Nadu Legislative Council.He had been tha Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during the periods 1969-1971,1971-1976, 1989-1991,1996-2001,2006:-2011. He has written many screen plays .He has conducted many World Tamil Conferences.
Horoscopic Analysis
In his horoscope we find 3 planets namely Saturn ,Mars and Moon have exalted and no planets aspects each other.This is one special feature in his Horoscope. If exalted planets aspect each other it will be of no use. Major yogas present in hs horoscopes are: Sasa Yoga, Ruchaka Yoga, Gajakesari Yoga, Mridanga Yoga,Brahma Yoga, Trilochana yoga,Maha Yoga and Vipareetha Raja Yoga.All this Yogas especially the Gajakesari Yoga make his courageous and bold enough to face any type of challenge.
He was able to become the Chief minister of the Tamil Nadu States for 5 times.The 2nd lord Sun ( command ) with the Ascendant lord Moon in 11th place from Ascendant ( Lagna ) made him a good orator and he was able to control the DMK a biggest Dravidian party. Sun is the Royal planet and if anybody wants to shine or excels in politics ,  his Sun should not be afflicted in any manner and it should be associated with the Ascendant or Ascendant lord. We observe that the Sun in his horoscope is in the labhastana or house of gain ( 11th house ) with the exalted moon who is the Ascendant Lord. !0th house ,the cusp of which is known as mid-heaven.The Mid-heaven is the entrance to the 10th house and relates to one’s career, reputation ,command,power and social standing.Here in his horoscope the 10th house lord is Mars and he is aspecting 3 important signs namely the 10th house , Ascendant and 2nd house.So the Ruchaka yoga is the main reason for his  command and respect which are unchallenged till  date.
In his natal horoscope his 8th house Lord Saturn is exalted in 4th house with good number of SAV points.Hence he is having a good longevity. Now he is running the Venus Dasha from Dec 2006 to December 2026.Venus being the Sukhatipa  ( 4th lord ) and Bhadakatipa ( 11th house for cardinal sign Cancer). The Venus will act as Bhadakatipa in the 2nd half of his dasha. ie., from 2016 which will not be favorable regarding health .He tends to cause ups and downs in his health condition then and there from the beginning of 2106. In Venus maha dasha Antar dasha of Rahu and Pratyantar dasha of Mars is running from December 2016 to February  2017.During this peroid , he should be very careful regarding his health. Appeasement of Mars and Rahu will yield good result and give him full recovery from the present health ailments.
We pray for his longevity and good health.

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