Plant your prosperity  

Harvest your luck from the plant or tree of your birth star

First find out your birth star corresponding to your date of birth. Using the table given below you can find out the plant /tree for your birth star. The common as well as the botanical names of the plants are given  to identify the correct plant.

Try to implant at least one plant , on your birth star day (all the 27 stars are coming in order every month. By looking in to the calendar you can easily find out the star of the day ) and maintain it by regular watering. If your dwelling place is not that much of spacious for gardening you can grow the plant in a clay pot. If you feel that even that too is not possible then locate the plant  in a public  park and try to be nearer to or under the  plant or visualize and concentrate so deep on the plant or develop some sort of intimacy with that plant so that you may feel that the positive vibration and energy from your birth star plant is slowly descending and transmitting on you to make you feel that you are fully energized and got rid of  all your physical and mental ailments .

No. Your Birth Star Star Plant – Botanical name Plant – Common name
1. Ashwini Strychnos nux vomica Poison nut
2. Bharani Embilica officionalis Amla
3. Krithika Ficus racemosa Fig
4. Rohini Syzygium jambolanum Jamoon
5. Mrugasira Acacia catechu Kadhira
6. Arudra Piper longum Long pepper
7. Punarvasu Bambusa Bamboo
8. Pushyami Ficus religiosa Peepal
9. Asleha Mesua ferrea Naga Champa
10. Makha Ficus bengalensis Banyan
11. Pubba Butea monosperma Flame of the forest
12. Uttara Ficus infectoria Juvvi
13. Hastha Spondias mangifera Wild mango
14. Chitta Aegle marmelos Bilva
15. Swathi Terminalia arjuna Arjun
16. Visakha Limonium acidissimum Elephant apple
17. Anuradha Mimusops elengi Bakul
18. Jyesta Pinus Pine
19. Moola Canarium strictum Black dammar
20. Purvashada Saraca indica Sita Asoka
21. Uttarashada Artocarpus heterophyllus Jack
22. Sravana Calotropis gigantia Milk weed
23. Dhanishta Acacia ferruginea Shami
24. Satabhisha Anthocephalus cadaba Kadamba
25. Purvabhadra Azardirachta indica Neem
26. Uttarabhadra Mangifera indica Mango
27. Revathi Madhuca indica Ippe

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