Rahu Kalam – Actual Timing


This is a basic chart where the  time of sun rise is taken as 6.00 AM . If  the actual sun rise on one Monday is 6.10 AM then the Raghu Kalam for that Monday will be 7.40 AM to 9.10 AM and so on.

Day Raghu kalam Gulikai Yamakandam
Sunday 4.30 to 6 3 to 4.30 12 to 1.30
Monday 7.30 to 9 1.30 to 3 10.30 to 12
Tuesday 3 to 4.30 12 to 1.30 9 to 10.30
Wednesday 12 to 1.30 10.30 to 12 7.30 to 9
Thursday 1.30 to 3 9 to 10.30 6 to 7.30
Friday 10.30 to 12 7.30 to 9 3 to 4.30
Saturday 9 to 10.30 6 to 7.30 1.30 to 3

We give below the easy tips for remembering this lengthy table  where the timings are not in an orderly manner. Memorize this  simple and funny sentence.

Mother Saw Father Wearing  The  Turban on a Sunday 
This is very simple, just remember the block capital letters. M for Monday , S for Saturday , F for Friday and W for Wednesday, T for Thursday, and again T for Tuesday, and S for Sunday count 1 hr 30 Mts starting from 7.30 AM .
Is it not so simple? okay…..share with your friends…

Guruji’s explanation on Yamakantam:Some scripts say that YAMAKANTAM is not that much of harmful as Raghukalam. Yamakanta is the son of Jupiter.Kantakam in Sanskrit means a thorn.He is like a thorn even to Yama (God of death) ie.,he acts as a thorn for bad elements.So he is supposed to be good for human beings.