HOROSCOPE 5- 40 வயதில் குழந்தைப் பேறு

கால தாமதமாகி 40 வயதில் குழந்தைப் பேறு – Got a child at 40th year after doing necessary remedies ( pariharas )


I met this Ramakrishnan and Anjana in December 1992.He is working abroad with a good salary .They had been without issues for the past 15 years after their wedding.They were worried  much.They came to me for an Astrological consultation for begetting a child. His wife had undergone many  treatments in Allopathy,  Homeopathy,Ayurveda which included the herbal treatment from the famous Dr.Yamunabai at Tambaram ,Chennai. But all their efforts were not fruitful and was in vain. After systematically analyzed his horoscope I told them that according to the horoscope they will have not one but at least 2  children, but they had to do some Remedy ( Parihars ). I gave them the required lucky gem stones and proper Mantras ( with cosmic divine seed letters ) to be chanted daily for at least for 2 years. Besides this I suggested them to go to Rameswaram for doing one Putrakamesti yagam on a particular day which would yield the result according to their Horoscope. The holy Homa as I suggested was performed  at Rameswaram in  February  1993 with the help of one Sankara Sastrigal who was a doyen of Homas. ( He is no more now)
They ardently followed all my guidance and chanted the Mantras given by me all along with full faith.The first male child was born to them in 1994 by the grace of Lord Rameswaram. They got a  second child ( as I already predicted ) in the year1997 after a gap of 3 years .
Horoscopic Analysis:
He was a Leo Ascendant with Aquarius as his Moon sign.He was  running his major period of Saturn till February 2002.Here the  5th Lord and Putra Karaka Jupiter is in the 12th place from Lagna  (Ascendant )  and 6th place from Moon.If you take the Moon sign( Aquarius)  the 5th lord is in 8th from it.Thus for Rasi and Lagna the 5th Lord is in l obscurity, More over the 5th place is aspected by the only planet Saturn from 3rd house.This is the reason for the much delayed progeny and he had to do all the pariharas (remedies ) for getting a child .During the period of Saturn dasha , Moon Antardhasa and Rahu pratyantar dasha he got his first son. The reason for this is obvious if we approach this stellar vise ( Chara Jothidam ) Jupiter is in the stellar point of Mercury with Mars as his sub lord.Mars in 4th and 9th lord posited in the Ascendant.9th ( 9th rasi is 5th from 5th ) also indicates progeny , some what delayed one. Saturn is in Jupiter’s stellar point and he is his own sub lord. For Moon,  Saturn is sub lord. Rahu is in Mercury’s stellar point and with Saturn as his sub lord. Analyzing the minute stellar configuration and planetary inter connection of the Major,Sub-Period and sub-sub period ( Major, Antar and Pratyantar dasha ) we got the answer for this.

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