Consultation – Mode of Payment
Particulars we require : Your Name, Time, Date  Place of Birth and  Birth Star if you know with your queries.
A small payment  that can bring a great change in your life.  450 FIVE STAR Google Review is the proof of the quality of  our prediction. 
See the mode of payment as detailed below.


  1. Please get a prior appointment by phone or whatsAp and come in person to have the consultation.
  2. If you want to save the travel and time you can have the consultation through phone. In that case the prediction can either be through phone call or Email message.
  3. If you do not find time to visit personally or get phone consultation due to your preoccupation, you can receive the analysis report through Email ( for detail analysis ) or by whatsAp message.( for 3 queries)

Mode  of payment -Payment Details-Payment Options:
(1) Rs.1000/- For getting predictions, covering the important aspects of your life  which you may wish to know  with required simple pariharams  (Remedy) with suitable slokas / Mantras through mobile VOICE CALL / whatsApp (on a mutually agreed time and date) . Change or modification in your name , if required will be suggested. Your lucky gem stone will also be suggested.

(2) Rs.700 :  For answering your 3 specific questions only ( not for  general prediction)  regarding one horoscope in person or through Email or through WhatsAp message . ( பொதுப்பலன் என்று கேட்காமல் குறிப்பாக  3 கேள்விகள் மட்டும் கேட்கவும் ) Tell us your 3 queries about your persisting problems , indicating your Name, Time, Date and Place of birth .If birth timing details are not readily available with you or if you want to know about a particular current event , just mention  a number ( an integer) within 108  that instantly comes to your mind / thought with your Name , Time ,Date and Place of making such query to get the answer through Horary astrology. ( Prasna Hora). But Horoscope reading will be more accurate.
How to make your astrology fees or Guru Dakhina ? Payment Options:
Through Google Pay :
First send  your birth particulars and queries. Fix an appointment. Send the payment through Google Pay.
Please note: Be proud of making contribution as these amounts are going to be spent for various  religious and noble purposes.I have created one small charity fund to be utilized to help the poor and for the divine purposes . Recently I have done a renovation work of laying down granite flooring in Sri. Eswari Amman Temple  attached  to the Lord Ramanatha Swami Temple at Rameswaram. Money is also spent for other temples and for other noble purposes. Your liberal contribution (donation) apart from the consultation fees is very much appreciable.
You can reach me through my Email: or through my mobile #   +91-8903653335
A small payment may bring a great fortune in your life.
wishing you the very best in your life…….Blessings